Protecting patients by bringing new solutions to the operating room

Karios Technologies is dedicated to saving lives and improving outcomes for patients. We are first using our platform technology TissueShield™ to protect the heart and other organs from scar tissue or adhesions that fuse tissues and organs together during the healing process.

About the technology


We are addressing large unmet needs in surgery, and our goal is to commercialize life-saving technologies.

Karios is a preclinical medical device company at the forefront of adhesion prevention and hydrogel products for drug and cellular delivery.


Karios Technologies has a unique approach to technology development.

At Karios’ core, we are a collaboration of chemists, bioengineers & surgeons focused on developing innovative and intuitive solutions using novel technologies.


What are adhesions?

Surgeries cause internal damage leading to scar tissue (adhesions) that fuses tissues and organs together.

These adhesions are a serious surgical complication that negatively impact patients. Removal of these adhesions significantly increases the rates of injury and death.

Postsurgical adhesions

A painful and costly problem, adhesions after surgery are common and negatively impact many people worldwide.

major surgeries globally per year
increase in rates of injury and death during reoperations
of surgeons agree,
adhesions are a significant unmet need


Karios Technologies has developed a hydrogel platform technology, TissueShield.

TissueShield can be used in various surgical applications.

We are first pursuing adhesion prevention with an initial focus on cardiac surgeries, specifically children with congenital heart defects and adults with high likelihood of repeat operations including heart transplant and ventricular assist devices.

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